The KIC Employlink portal brings together Kwinana members (Employers) and those looking for work in the Kwinana Industrial Area and surrounding areas.

Our Listed Employers are Full Members of the Kwinana Industries Council.

We recognise the value of having skilled, experienced and stable industrial workforce, and Employlink is an initiative to help us achieve this.


Candidates complete their online profile and submit their CV. Company HR Managers look for suitable candidates and make contact with them directly, should they choose to.


Candidate Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Cost?

No. Employlink is provided free of charge to Candidates searching for work.

What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

Completing your Online Resume which includes the cover letter, allows your profile to be found when HR Managers are conducting an online search. The CV you upload, provides your background, work history and personal details. The HR Manager will be printing off both to review.

What companies are listed in Employlink?

Employlink is open only to the Full members of the KIC. You will see their logos on our site. It is not open to the general public.

How long is my account active for?

Once you register your account, it will stay valid for six months. If you have not logged in after six months, your account may be deleted. You are free to relist again after that time.

Why are there no jobs listed on this site?

That is because this is a ‘Connection Site’. Connecting local Employees with local Employers based in the Kwinana Industrial Area and surrounds.

Can I contact the companies direct?

As not all Companies will be actively searching for staff at all times, it is recommended that you register within the Employlink Portal first.

How do I know if and when a HR department has seen my listing?

You don’t. But when they do see your profile, they will be in touch with you directly on the contact details you provide.

How do I make my profile stand out to get noticed?

Here is an example profile. By completing all the fields, it is reflected in a solid, informative, profile that stands out to the HR Dept.

Online Account

Online Profile

Downloaded Profile PDF

Disclaimer: The Kwinana Industries Council provides this service to KIC Full Members and Community.

The KIC manages the Employlink Portal for the benefit of others and has no control over candidates at any level.